Flash floods destroy Adventist village

Pastor Charlie Jimmy stands in front of the Adventist church.

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Flash floods have devastated a Seventh-day Adventist community at Waluebue village, North Ambae, Vanuatu.

Early Sabbath morning, March 31, the village was inundated with water, rocks and soil, destroying people’s homes, the Adventist church, community hall and the school.

Vanuatu Mission secretary Pastor Charlie Jimmy said many people lost everything except the clothes they were wearing as they ran to escape to higher ground.

“It is heartbreaking to see the entire village covered in big rocks and soil from 5 to 10 metres high,” he said.

One hundred and fifteen people lived in the village. They are now homeless and temporarily accommodated at nearby Waluriki, another Adventist village.

Local residents with some of the supplies.

Pastor Jimmy travelled to the area soon after the disaster with Vanuatu Mission media cameraman Jean Pierre Niptik to take photos and footage of the village.

“It’s sad,” he reported. “They lost their homes. While [we were] filming the flood came again. We had to run. It’s just frightening.”

The recent flooding is due in part to the Ambae volcano erupting recently, leaving large deposits of ash on the island.

Waluebue village had been planning a visitors’ Sabbath on March 31 and had prepared a lot of food and accommodation. However all of that was covered by the flooding. “[The people] are surviving through the aid and donations from nearby communities, church groups, NGOs and supplies from the Government,” said Pastor Jimmy.

Much of the village was completely destroyed.

ADRA Vanuatu is working closely with the Government to ensure it is meeting priority needs in a coordinated manner, according to representative Anna Downing. Pre-prepared emergency packs have been delivered for the village and for those on Ambae affected by recent volcanic activity.

In partnership with ADRA NZ, ADRA Vanuatu has provided 458 jerry cans, 58 tarpaulins, 150 wash kits and 150 hygiene kits for those affected by both the volcanic activity and the flooding in Waluebue.

Pastor Jimmy also travelled with district pastor Max Senembe to Penama Adventist College. The college was evacuated in September 2017, due to the Ambae volcano eruption and has had ongoing issues since. There was no student welcome for the pastors. Only college principal Gibson Mera was there to receive them. With tears in his eyes, he said, “Welcome to our school, Pastor.

The college campus is covered with volcanic ash from the Ambae volcano. The 37 students and their teachers were relocated on Tuesday, April 3 to Ambaebulu School. They will be sharing classrooms, dorms, homes and other things with Ambaebulu.

According to Facebook, members of the Portoroki church welfare society are collecting contributions of clothes, kitchenware and other household items. Other churches in Vanuatu are expected to support the Waluebue community as well.

Waluebue Adventist church.

The Government is now negotiating with the land owners of East Ambae to purchase land and relocate this community to a new site.

“Please pray for our church members who are now homeless and as they seek for a new place to settle and rebuild their homes,” said Pastor Jimmy.

Waluebue school.
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