My ministry: The Log Cabin Camp

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Nestled deep in the Gold Coast hinterland, only a few kilometres from the Queensland/NSW border, the 8ha Log Cabin Camp is surrounded by beautiful rainforest and national parks. Once a bush retreat set up in 1962 by supporters and leaders of the Murwillumbah (NSW) Pathfinder Club, it is now a 72-bed facility popular with many Pathfinder groups. For Margaret Boyd, who remembers spending Pathfinder weekends at The Log Cabin Camp in 1963, being the caretaker of the camp with her husband David is like returning to childhood.

If you’ve ever met David and Margaret, you would know that they have a fervent heart for ministry. With their literature/media evangelism and prayer ministry, they are planting seeds for God’s kingdom. Their prayer is, “Lord, send us people who are seeking Your truth for these last days.” As dedicated prayer warriors, they pray for each visitor and keep a prayer journal with the names of individuals who have received literature from them. In addition to personally handing out literature and media, they have two full racks of material that the campers can choose to take home with them.

Margaret, one of the many people listed in the Boyds’ prayer journal, thought God was an angry God who wanted to punish her for her failings. One pressing question she had was answered when she was given a copy of The Great Controversy and she read the chapter, “Can our dead speak to us?” She was pleased to discover the dead are really dead. She took a copy of Steps to Christ, saying, “I think I really need to know God at the moment”, and was touched by the fact that the Boyds prayed for her.

Rebecca arrived at camp with a group of around 40 young people with addictions. After viewing Doug Batchelor’s How Evil Began DVD, Rebecca was so amazed at the new things she was learning and planned to buy a Bible after being released from rehab. When Margaret presented her with one of her own Bibles, Rebecca had tears of joy in her eyes. She was also given a copy of Steps to Christ and the DVD The Father’s Love Letter.

Then there was Tim from a Pentecostal men’s group. He watched a Mark Finley DVD on what the Bible says about unclean foods and couldn’t wait to talk with David and Margaret. In response to his question, “Do you have any other material like that?” they gave him The Great Controversy, Desire of Ages, Steps to Christ and the DVDs Beyond the Search, Final Events and How Evil Began. Happily, he said, “I think Christmas has come early.”

These are only brief snippets of the stories of how God is using David and Margaret’s ministry at The Log Cabin Camp to help change the lives of those God brings to them. Please pray for their ministry. For more information, contact them at 07 5533 6174 or visit

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