Faith FM launches on Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island, the site of Faith FM's most easterly station.

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A new Faith FM radio station was launched in Lord Howe Island over the weekend, becoming the most easterly broadcast site in Australia.

Allen Bierschbach and his wife Wanda, who are pastoring in Lord Howe Island, have big plans for creating local content to reach their local community for Christ.

“We praise God for what He is doing,” said Michael Engelbrecht, Faith FM Radio coordinator, “and [we] trust that He will provide what is needed for us to support the growing work.”

According to Mr Engelbrecht, this latest station on Lord Howe Island is just another encouraging step in a growing ministry.

Mr Engelbrecht recently attended the Northern Australian Conference (NAC) camp where he found a lot of content creators and enthusiasm for the project.

“NAC is the second conference to embrace the content-creation vision we have been putting forward,” he said. “Eighteen devotional presentations were recorded and 16 different people participated in shorter verse-of-the-day segments while I was there. An enthusiastic volunteer—James—is engaging lots of people (including youth), and has learned studio techniques very quickly.”

One of the Townsville buses.

Local churches, in partnership with the NAC, purchased a $A10k network covering Mackay. The NAC also launched a year-long bus advertising campaign in Townsville to spread the word about the stations.

Mr Engelbrecht said there is now an effort to support new stations in outback towns. Two community members have approached the church about starting a Faith FM broadcast from their properties, one in NAC and one in South Queensland.

The stations are also having an impact in NSW. Wollongong church elder, Jeff Trelfo, said he’s currently studying with two people that came to church as a result of Faith FM, while Pastor John Tompson reports that others have come to church for the first time as a result of the station.

This Sabbath’s offering in the Australian Union Conference (August 26) will go to support the ministry of Faith FM. To donate, visit the eGiving website or Faith FM website. 

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