New Vanuatu president visits Adventist church

With church members at Freshwind Adventist Church. L to R: Vanuatu Mission president Pastor Nos Terry Mailalong, Vanuatu head of state President Tallis Obed Moses, First Lady Estella Moses, and MPs Johnny Koanapo and Bethual Solomon. (Photo: Len Garae/Vanuatu Daily Post)

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Presbyterian minister Tallis Obed Moses has made his first public appearance as president of Vanuatu by visiting an Adventist church.

Pastor Moses and his wife Estella worshipped with church members at the Freshwind Adventist Community Church on Sabbath 15 July, also staying for a fellowship lunch after the service.

As part of the program, Pastor Moses took the opportunity to thank Pastor Nos Terry Mailalong, president of the Adventist Church in Vanuatu, for encouraging him to apply for the presidency.

“I am standing here today to thank members of the Adventist Church and the Vanuatu Mission for your prayers throughout the country for the government, our nation and the head of state, because without your prayers, we would not have come as far as we have today,” he said.

Pastor Moses and his entourage are welcomed by Vanuatu Mission president Nos Terry Mailalong. (Photo: Len Garae/Vanuatu Daily Post)

Pastor Moses also thanked the wider Adventist Church in Vanuatu for their continued support for people in need in rural communities throughout Vanuatu, specifically mentioning the work done by ADRA Vanuatu.

“Your contributions towards the social sectors of Vanuatu—especially through your education and health systems—have contributed significantly towards the development of our human resources to arrive where we are today as an independent republic,” he said.

As a gift, Pastor Mailalong presented the newly elected head of state with a book on leadership. Pastor Moses challenged Vanuatu’s churches to spiritually transform the country.

Pastor Moses was elected Vanuatu’s head of state on July 6, after three rounds of voting.

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