New Adventist high school for Western Highlands

Mr Erwin Us, education secretary, Jiwaka Provincial Government, shakes hands with Pukamil locals.

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The Pukamil community in Jiwaka Province, Papua New Guinea, has given a large portion of land to the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the establishment of a new high school.

Local leaders say they want to see changes in their community that Christian education brings. Therefore they took the initiative and contributed money, timber and other necessary materials and constructed a double classroom. The official handover of the classroom to the Church’s Western Highlands Mission took place on June 8, 2017.

Mr Erwin Us (white shirt), provincial government education secretary, and Mr Richard Murke (blue shirt), Western Highlands Mission education director, with Pukamil locals.

Education Secretary for Jiwaka Province Mr Erwin Us, himself a local from the community, assured Adventist leaders that the Jiwaka Provincial Government will give full support for the new school to commence in 2018 by building a few more classrooms and houses for teachers. The Governor of Jiwaka Province, the Hon. William Tongap, also attended the handover ceremony and committed K500,000 ($A208,000) to the new Adventist high school.

Education Director Mr Richard Murke and Stewardship Director Pastor Leighton Kasimo thanked the community on behalf of the Western Highlands Mission as well as paying tribute to Mr Erwin Us and Governor William Tongap for making it possible for the new school to commence next year.

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