Thousands attend first ever health expo

Church members connect with their community.

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More than 2500 people attended the first major health expo held in the Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM).

The expo, held April 3-7 in the Madang Manus Mission, is part of the Adventist Church in the South Pacific Division’s new Comprehensive Health Strategy (see pages 10-11).

SPD Health specialist Dr Chester Kuma, who attended the expo, said it attracted thousands from Madang town and nearby villages and communities.

“People had their blood pressure taken, BMI calculated, blood sugar tested and in the process our team of health professionals, trained volunteers and members of the Church took the opportunity to share with the community vital information, counsel and advice on the basic principles of health and wellness,” he said.

“Prayer was offered on behalf of those who requested it. I witnessed church administrators, directors of the various departments in the local Mission, members from the local churches, youth, children, professionals of various disciplines, including health and trained volunteers, all taking part.” [pullquote]

As a result of the expo, more than 1000 people have requested more information about Jesus and/or Bible studies.

“It turned out to be an event that attracted Total Member Involvement (TMI). It gave the Church the opportunity to connect with the community in friendship and relationship building, the very essence of Christ’s method of ministry on earth.”

Dr Kuma said local churches are now gearing up for smaller health expos with the aim of turning churches into wellness centres.

“Both PNGUM and the Trans-Pacific Union Mission are excited about embracing the concept of health expos as one way of encouraging TMI,” he said. “And the goal? Connectedness, friendship and relationship building with the community as a pathway towards disciple making.”

Dr Kuma said this was one of a number of exciting developments taking place within the SPD’s Comprehensive Health Strategy.

“This renewal of emphasis on health is without doubt God-directed for such a time as this,” he said.

“Praise God for administrative will and support for without it, this would not have been possible.”

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