Photos: ADRA helping cyclone-blasted towns

Transport provided by the Townsville Aviation School has enabled emergency supplies to get to Bowen, Queensland, which is still cut off after Cyclone Debbie.

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After being prevented from reaching cyclone-stricken Bowen in North Queensland by floodwaters, a team of Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) workers and volunteers has found a solution.

“I’m texting you from a few thousand feet above Townsville,” said a message from Charlene Luzuk, who heads up ADRA for the northern Australia region. “We’re on our way to Bowen in a Piper Chieftain 9-seater stocked up with water and generators. Partnering with Townsville Aviation School for this flight.”
ADRA Australia’s emergency manager Kevin Munro with supplies bound for Bowen.
Cleaning up. A lot of work in the aftermath of a cyclone involves removing dangling branches and cutting up fallen trees.
“This family in Bowen had three families in one house and had run out of drinking water,” says ADRA’s Charlene Luzuk. “They were entirely grateful and said, ‘Good timing! Thanks so much!'”

To make a donation to ADRA Australia’s Cyclone Debbie relief effort, visit their website.

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