Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Living the good life

Financial independence. Owning a home. Being well regarded. Travelling the world. Is this what it means to live "the good life"? Jarrod Stackelroth discusses.

Naked and unashamed

No one is immune to pornography. Not even pastors.

3 testimony clangers I never want to hear again

Smoking, drinking, drugs, parties, women . . . it's all par and parcel of a good Christian testimony. But after 40 years of hearing these stories, Kent Kingston has had enough.


The concept of a talking donkey didn't come from the movie Shrek. The idea came from God—not for the purpose of comedy, but for the benefit of Balaam and you and me.


Life as a mum is full of ups and downs. When the kids are young it’s physically exhausting; as they get older it’s emotionally challenging.

Opening the door

Pastor Trafford Fischer looks back at the life of Robert Morrison—the first Protestant missionary to China.

Extraordinary love

Laurie and Robyn Evans weren’t new to parenthood. They already had three healthy children, full of life. But that didn’t mean this little one was any less anticipated and longed for.

My story—Florence Stocken

My husband died when he was only 40. I have two sons and a daughter. It has been a real struggle at times, but God has always come through.

My ministry—Malcolm Willis

“Farmers have begun meeting at lonely crossroads in the eastern wheatbelt as they support one another through one of the toughest periods in generations.” Thus began an article in the Weekend West newspaper of April 6-7, 2013.

Messy messages

Ever had a moment your life changed? It might be an event, a day, a loss, a year, an adventure, a relationship; but somewhere along the way, you flew the cocoon and started a new direction.
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