Friday, January 22, 2021
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My favourite description of Jesus

Of all the descriptions of Jesus found in the gospels and beyond, my favorite—out of so many profound, beautiful, and challenging descriptions—is probably one of the least quoted, most skipped over of the Jesus pictures.

RECORD REWIND: Impostor or second Ellen?

About a year after the death of Ellen White in 1915, Margaret Rowen, a new Adventist, announced the Lord had chosen her as Mrs White’s successor.

WATCH: Controversy over Pope’s call for unity

A video from Pope Francis calling for Christian unity, played at a gathering of Pentecostal leaders in the United States, has provoked considerable comment, but not as much as the video’s introduction.

Getting to the core

If you don’t know the direction you’re headed, you may as well go anywhere or do anything. It could be the mantra of post-modernism. And increasingly, it may be the reality of the Christian world generally, and even Adventism.

Evangelism draws 40,000 despite rain

The threat of rain failed to deter more than 40,000 people from attending The Last Empire evangelistic series at Eriku Oval in Lae, Papua New Guinea (PNG) last night.

Hundreds baptised as first NY13 phase wraps up

Wearing a dark blue baptismal robe, Tomas Olivera of Peekskill, New York, stepped into the giant pool placed before the platform at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on this afternoon and knew only one thing: he was finally about to be baptised.

Conspiracy Adventism

There is a vast world of difference between being a great controversy Adventist and a grand conspiracy Adventist.

City-wide evangelism largest for 30 years

Four motorway billboards, 1.25 million brochures and more than 100 television advertisements have provided publicity in what is reported to be the largest evangelistic series for the Adventist Church in Sydney for more than 30 years.

Christmas blessing

They sat like two children, playing on the steps, outside Jerusalem’s temple. The game they played wasn’t one of competition or make-believe. It was a game children don’t play well. But they weren’t children, yet they laughed as they played.

My Story—Colin Hone

I was 29 and living in my office with barely enough money to buy a pie at the local 7/11 across the road.
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