Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Dare to eat plants like Daniel

Daniel in the Bible went plant-based for 10 days. Can the same diet have benefits today?

Meat the alternative: Your guide to plant-based meat

What exactly are meat alternatives? Are they better for the planet? Are they really better for me?

Going plant based: Better for your body and the planet

Keen to go green in 2018? Eat plants!

A dominion of mercy

How deeds and diets demonstrate dominion.

Vegan diet cuts risk of prostate cancer

Men who follow a vegan diet are a third less likely to develop prostate cancer, according to a new study by Loma Linda University Health.

WHO announces processed meat causes cancer

A research division of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced that bacon, sausage and other processed meats cause cancer.

Vegetarian diet cuts risk of certain cancers

A vegetarian diet may reduce your risk of certain kinds of cancer by 22 per cent, according to a new analysis from the Adventist Health Study-2.

Food for thought

The bottom line of meat production is . . . the bottom line. That means animals are primarily viewed and treated as units of production rather than the sentient miracles of creation that they are.

The vegan revolution

Go vegan, get the girl. The trend towards a vegan diet—free of meat, dairy and eggs—is apparent amongst homeschoolers, hipsters and everyone in between.

Blood in the water

Adventists are good at raising awareness of human oppression. However, our activity has been sorely lacking when it comes to advocacy for the protection of animals.
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