Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Tag: Life Health Foods

Life Health Foods teams up with former Olympian

Stephanie Rice is working with LHF brand Vegie Delights to promote a plant-based diet.


Pastor Glenn Townend offers some insight into the purpose and structure of the South Pacific Division.

Comedian pranks carnivores with meat free product in viral video

A plant-based, alternative meat company received a marketing boost for their new range of meat-free proteins, when a video promoting the brand went viral.

Discipleship focus at NZPUC meetings

Executive members from New Zealand, Cook Islands, French Polynesia and New Caledonia came together to represent the NZPUC and to plan, report and talk discipleship at the year-end meetings.

Life Health Foods has ingredients for success

Life Health Foods (LHF) Australia is reaping the benefits of an increasing number of people choosing a plant-based diet.

LHF opens Australia factory

Seventh-day Adventist owned Life Health Foods (LHF) has opened its first manufacturing facility in Australia, with the 6000 square metre factory encompassing frozen, chilled and canning technologies.
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