Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Everything beautiful

You don't have to be a scientist in order to appreciate—and share with others—the wonders of God's creation.

Creation Sabbath

Pastor Glenn Townend says the latest scientific discoveries should never usurp the solid foundation of Scripture.

Saving sex

The world says sex sells, but what does the Church say? Too often . . . nothing. Yet the Church has an important message to share, especially in this over-sexed society.

Discipleshift in NZPUC

It all starts with discipleship.

Fundamentalism or liberalism?

Stop picking sides. An authentic Adventist is both.


James Standish is on a search for wisdom. "We need wisdom more than ever," he writes, "but in the crowded spaces in which we live, it is elusive."

Another day’s work

Since choosing to study medicine, God has brought me closer to understanding the miracle of life He has blown with loving care into each and every one of us.

Google generation

In an age of uninterrupted access to technology and the internet, the temptation to replace authentic Bible study for a Google search is all too real.

Is it a trick, or is it a treat?

Witches, devils, ghosts, blood, vampires, masks, skeletons, death and the underworld, each one worst than the last. What's not to love about Halloween?

Welcoming God

The thing about kids is they like to ask questions.
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