Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Church clothes anxiety

There is only one thing that is important to wear to church.

Descending to the heights

It is the lowly who are lifted up.

Humble God

Jesus was naked on the cross. They never show that in the church-authorised depictions. It begs the question: have we Christians failed to recognise the radical nature of the jagged descent Jesus chose to make?

Uncertain hope

The Christmas story is a powerful reminder that weakness is the way of God.

Be little: Taking the stigma out of smallness

Never underestimate the power of lowliness.

Opioid obituaries: how opening up could save lives

Andrew's parents made the heart-breaking decision to share his struggle with addiction after his death rather than sanitising his obituary—a decision that had unexpected results.

Does Jesus play favourites?

In his gospel, John identified himself as "the disciple whom Jesus loved". Was the title a fitting accolade or just outright arrogance?

Honesty, humility, humanity

One thing will determine whether Papua New Guinea becomes the Nigeria or Botswana of the Pacific: money management. Freedom and the future really do come at a price.

The with-ness of God; the them-ness of “us”

We are called to praise God for so many of His attributes—His love, power, holiness, justice, goodness, transcendence—but among this list we should not forget the with-ness of God.


James Standish is on a search for wisdom. "We need wisdom more than ever," he writes, "but in the crowded spaces in which we live, it is elusive."
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