Sunday, September 19, 2021
Tags Consumerism

Tag: consumerism

Living the good life

Financial independence. Owning a home. Being well regarded. Travelling the world. Is this what it means to live "the good life"? Jarrod Stackelroth discusses.

Credit, climate change and the Sabbath

To buy or sell? Perhaps, one day soon, we won't even get to choose.

Challenges of a consumer culture

More than 3000 times a day, we are sold the lie that we are a purchase away from happiness.


Why being one with Christ requires us to lose our minds.

Never stand alone

Why different generations need each other—especially in the Church.

Money matters

In order for us to be "cheerful givers", we actually have to give.


Faithfulness is a quality that is all too rare in this material age.

Less is less (is more)

"What’s so wrong with having stuff, anyway? If it’s so bad, why does everybody have it?"

Me and my stuff

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling as though every time I drive past a billboard, find a store catalogue in my mailbox or turn on the television I’m being bombarded with messages that I need more stuff.

Why I don’t go to church

Almost 18 years ago, Christian author Christopher Smith—once and for all—stopped going to church. Why?
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