Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Tag: Bangladesh

Escape by night

It was 2am when Anwara climbed into the boat. She is one of 500,000 people displaced by the ongoing Rakhine state crisis in Myanmar.

ADRA responds to Rohingya refugee crisis

ADRA is responding to one of the worst refugee crises of recent times as Rohingya Burmese flee to Bangladesh.

Two Adventists detained in Bangladesh

The Seventh-day Adventist Church said Tuesday that two Adventists were detained in Bangladesh on unclear charges.

Rescued from prison

Helen Eager is well past retirement age and could be forgiven for putting her feet up and enjoying her retirement years in Australia. Yet this remarkable woman has, for more than three decades, been fighting for a better life for society’s most vulnerable

It could have been different

Turn your mental clock back 10 years to 2003. Where were you? What memories stand out for you about that year? For some of you this may be an easy thing to do, while others a more painful exercise.

Adventists respond to disaster in Bangladesh

Seventh-day Adventists were some of the first responders to a commercial factory building collapse in Savar, Bangladesh, that has captured international media attention and sparked debate over building standards.

New book advocates creatively

A new photography book by Asian Aid Australia features images that aim to depict the human spirit—finding optimism, determination and hope even in seasons of hardship and despair.
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