Record Advertising Policy

Classified Advertisements

  • All entities advertising guest speakers are to ensure that proper authorisation has been obtained (from the local conference for example), and provide written documentation demonstrating that service requests have been organised in the approved manner.
  • No advertising involving fund raising of any kind is authorised unless the South Pacific Division specifically grants permission.
  • All classified advertising is at the discretion of the editor in consultation with the senior consulting editor
  • Classified advertising is available only to church members and persons closely connected to the church
  • Classified advertisements must be perceived to be of benefit for members
  • Payment must be received before advertising is placed.
  • The current disclaimer is placed at the beginning of the classifieds
  • Classified advertisements must have the written recommendation of the local church pastor attached.

We do not advertise:

  • Health supplements
  • Goods or services that are in direct competition with the goods and services provided by the official church organisation, which therefore directly contribute to the fulfilment of the missions of the Church. (E.g. travel services)
  • Travel tours – unless they are sponsored by an official entity of the church; or at the discretion of the editor in consultation with the consulting editor
  • Investment opportunities or financial and investment advice
  • Published books and printed materials that are not published by an official Seventh-day Adventist publishing House.
  • Rental properties
  • Properties/houses for sale which are not in close proximity to an Adventist institution
  • Series/programs/events – unless sponsored by an Adventist entity, department or the South Pacific Division. Written approval is needed.
  • Inappropriate health programs
  • Inappropriate books and audio visual material with respect to content and source
  • Matchmaking and pen pals
  • Requests for persons for employment or voluntary roles except by official church entities and officially Division-recognised supportive ministries
  • Inappropriate offers of any kind