Author: Glenn Townend

Review: Following Jesus

“That this book is insightful should not surprise us; Jesus is profound. It is also practical, as following Jesus has to happen in real life now.”

Inspiring the impossible

It only takes one person to break the barrier. And once it is broken, others can follow.

Viral forgiveness

It’s not everyday an Adventist video goes viral on social media.

Growing your church

The only way you can grow your church is to keep first-time visitors and regular members coming back.

Being a disciple

What the story of Ruth and a song by Chris Tomlin taught Glenn Townend about discipleship.

From a prison cell

There is nothing more beautiful to behold than the sinner who has found their Saviour.

Men of godly wisdom

Glenn Townend reflects on the wisdom of two old friends.

Next generation church?

To stop the millennial exodus, we as a church need to stop and listen to them.

Review: Mission Shift

“Mission Shift is one of the books that I would like every pastor and elder in every church across the South Pacific to read.”