More than 1000 women impact Koro Island during Fiji Mission’s Women’s Congress

Guests at the Women’s Ministry congress (in garlands) with participants and members of the Grace Symphony singing group.

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More than 1130 women gathered for the Fiji Mission (FM) Women’s Ministry annual congress from August 29 to September 3. The event was held on Koro Island, where the Dorcas Ministry introduced Adventism into Tavua Village many years ago.

Themed “A Woman Inspired to Aspire”, the congress aimed to motivate, inspire and ignite change.

The event featured a line-up of speakers and workshop facilitators. Guest speaker Pastor Eliki Kenivale, a theology lecturer at Fulton College, provided both practical and spiritual insights.

Pastor Maveni Kaufononga, president of the Trans Pacific Union Mission, opened the event, emphasising a spiritually enriching journey ahead. FM president Pastor Nasoni Lutunaliwa was also present and closed the congress, highlighting the significance of the gathering.

Diverse workshops were available during the congress, ranging from outreach programs to self-care. “The congress was more than an event; it was a transformative experience that deeply resonated with the islanders,” said Alice Kaisuva, FM Women’s Ministry director.

Mrs Kaisuva revealed that prior to the congress, church representatives, including herself, visited all 14 villages of Koro. They followed customary Itaukei traditions, gifting items as a sign of respect and to inform the communities of their presence.

“The gifts provided were chosen thoughtfully and intended to benefit every household on the island,” Mrs Kaisuva said. “We were well received and welcomed into the island, especially in these villages.”

According to the director, the event had a very positive effect. A new church signboard was erected, and approximately $F10,000 was raised to assist the local church—which included purchasing a motorbike for young minister Semiti Koto.

Pastor Lutunaliwa praised the event’s organisation and acknowledged the broader contributions. “Adventist presence amplified during the congress,” he said. “Village businesses prospered, village trucks were fully engaged for transportation, and children set up stalls to sell produce, but the genuine interaction between congress attendees and islanders truly showcased Adventism for a week.”

He added that being on the island as witnesses of Jesus was the highlight of the weekend.

“The congress is one to remember for most women. They are being challenged to seize every opportunity to echo the resounding call and ‘I WILL GO’,” said Mrs Kaisuva.

She added that the women and organisers were determined “to build on this success” and had envisioned extending similar opportunities to the men of the Adventist community.

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