Caboolture Adventist Church honours local organisations for community service

Caboolture young adults Genevieve Dennis and Emily Chester, chatting with local MP Terry Young.

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Caboolture Adventist Church (Qld), in its third annual Community Appreciation Day held on May 20, recognised two groups for their honourable service to the local community.

Alta-1, a local alternative school, and the Domestic Violence Emergency Housing Project, initiated by the Combined Ministers Network, were honoured at the event.

Alta-1 offers innovative learning paths to disengaged students, including community-based activities, while the Housing Project provides crucial immediate shelter for women and children affected by domestic violence in the Caboolture region.

Pastors Casey Wolverton and Kira-leigh Josey of Caboolture Adventist Church conducted interviews with leaders, staff and volunteers from both organisations during the event, exploring the positive impact of their work. The stories resonated with the congregation, prompting a collective donation of $A2600 to assist these key community initiatives further.

“God has a particular heart for the vulnerable,” said Principal of Alta-1, Matt Vandepeer, “and we feel that it is our responsibility as believers to reflect God.” He went on to explain how Scripture specifically mentions four groups that need particular care: orphans, fatherless, widows and foreigners. “For each of these groups,” Mr Vandepeer said, “a layer of protection has been removed, and it is our responsibility to provide that protection that they might not otherwise have.”

Bella, a year 12 student from Alta-1 testified to the positive effect that the school has had on her life. “At 13 years of age, I suffered a mental illness which almost took my life. I had been expelled from school, struggled to see the face of God and didn’t find my self-worth. Since going to Alta-1, I can proudly say that I now feel worthy of life and my future. I am so thankful for Alta-1,” she said.

Pastor David Greig, who supports the Domestic Violence Emergency Housing Project, provided an insight into the complexities of assistance for domestic violence victims. “While there are good services available, it can take six to eight weeks from the time victims find themselves on the street until they can access these services,” Pastor Greig explained.

“This is a critical period when victims are most vulnerable and that’s where the Emergency Housing Project steps in—providing immediate shelter and helping to reintegrate children into school.” He added that since February 2022, the project has provided accommodation for 38 women and 11 children.

Federal Member for Longman, Terry Young, is a regular attendee at the Caboolture Community Appreciations Days. He quoted from James 2:14-16, and reminded attendees, “it is good to pray for people in need, but there are practical needs out there.” He commended the two organisations for “their unselfish service”.

“Affirming and honouring these hard-working, compassionate members of our Caboolture community,” said Pastors Wolverton, “is such a positive way to build bridges with the local neighbourhood and to support them in their work.”

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