NZ food support for Beulah College

Beulah Adventist College cook Siotame Katoa restocking the kitchen store room with the healthy food donations.

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Longburn Adventist College and the Adventist community at Palmerston North in New Zealand have put together relief donations of healthy food supplies for Beulah Adventist College in Tonga.

The initiative was led by Longburn teacher Juliana Paul, school prefects and local church member Derrylea Hardy. More than $NZ5000 worth of healthy food was donated to Beulah college.

The relief effort was in response to the January disaster in Tonga, caused by an undersea volcano, which triggered a major tsunami and generated volcanic ash across the country. Basic needs such as water and food were significantly affected, including main agricultural sectors such as crops, livestock and fisheries. Since the volcanic eruption, the availability of healthy food has been limited.

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