23 baptised at Kaul camp meeting

Baptismal candidates came from upper, middle and lower Jimi to be baptised at the camp meeting.

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The spirit of Total Member Involvement continues to ignite the people of Jiwaka Province, Papua New Guinea, with 23 recent baptisms.

The baptisms took place at the Jimi District camp meeting at Kaul, in Middle Jimi. During the camp, Jimi District director, Pastor John Par, took the main devotion each evening and one of the newly constructed permanent church buildings at Kaul was opened.

Jimi is one of the three districts that make up Jiwaka Province. Total membership for Jimi District, according to reports presented at the camp, stands at 763. Soul winning and church building initiatives in the district are very challenging due to the large area, scattered population and geographical conditions. However, more people are expected to join the Church as a result of a major harvest program to be held in the area from January 28 to February 13. There is also a vision to build 139 new churches in Jimi in 2021.

Opening of Kaul church.




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