If You Can Eat launched in French

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A new edition of If You Can Eat, You Can Make Disciples has been published for the French-speaking members of the South Pacific Division. Si Vous Pouvez Manger . . . Vous Pouvez Faire des Disciples is currently being shipped to New Caledonia, French Polynesia and French-speaking regions of Vanuatu.

“This book is so simple and yet shows so powerfully that every follower can lead others to Jesus in a friendly environment,” says Pastor Victor Kulakov, who has been serving as Discipleship Ministries lead pastor for the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference and sees this new edition as a valuable resource for the church in these territories. “It shows that mission can be fulfilled without costly evangelistic programs but through relational streams that make spreading the gospel most natural thing to do.”

The French edition was translated by Pastor Claude Coutty of the New Caledonia Mission. This is the third language in which If You Can Eat by Dr Peter Roennfeldt has now been published, with editions currently in translation in two further languages. Total sales in English have exceeded 18,000 copies since its launch two years ago.

If You Can Eat, You Can Make Disciples is available in English from Adventist bookshops throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, or online at https://adventistbookcentre.com.au/if-you-can-eat.html.

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