New Lamb Shelters built and WC Bibles distributed in PNG

Church members holding their World Changers Bibles received during the service.

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Due to COVID-19, “Lamb shelters”—shelters for children to have Sabbath school under—have been built in various places in Lae, in Papua New Guinea’s Morobe Province, thanks to small group evangelism.

Morobe Mission president Pastor Blasius Managos visited the site—located in north-east Lae City near the Bumbu river and 200 kilometres from the Morobe Mission office—on Sabbath, May 2, for a dedication service.

During the ceremony, Pastor Managos encouraged church members to maintain their faith in God and continue evangelising in small groups.

Dozens of World Changers Bibles were distributed to church members—especially young people—as requested by Morobe Mission youth director Pastor Micah Akui, who challenged recipients to be world changers within small groups and throughout Morobe as a whole.

Elder Fidalis from Bumbu Sand Lamb Shelter Church thanked the Morobe Mission for distributing the Bibles for the dedicatory program. He said every church member was excited about receiving a Bible.

A large amount of Bibles was distributed.
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