Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Women in leadership

Erna Johnson is the director of Adventist Women’s Ministries for the South Pacific Division. She is s especially concerned about abuse both inside and outside the Church. “Seeing and hearing about abused women within our churches both saddens and angers m

WA women flourish through prayer

A recent women's retreat in Western Australia has seen more than 100 women "flourish" through the power of prayer.

Vanuatu commissions first female pastor

During the business session of the Vanuatu Mission, the Seventh-day Adventist Church held an historic service that saw its first female pastor commissioned to the gospel ministry.

Vote: Women can be presidents

Seventh-day Adventist conferences and missions in North America can be led by an ordained or a commissioned minister, members of the division Executive Committee voted overwhelmingly on November 7 during year-end business meetings.

Dorcas Women open restaurant in Fiji

On July 12 the "Health Food Outlet" opened its doors to the Suva city public. Mrs Atelini Dakua credits God for the securing of "prime space" and for the lives of women who have embraced this initiative and are pitching in - in various ways.
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