Monday, November 30, 2020
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Tag: violence

Stand against violence

West Central Africa Division president Dr Elie Weick-Dido was once captured by Islamic extremists and imprisoned.

Unlikely alliance calls for end to persecution

An extraordinarily diverse group of lawmakers from around the world called for greater global efforts to end religious persecution and repression at a Seventh-day Adventist co-sponsored conference in New York.

Armed attackers kill 7 Adventists in Cameroon

Seven Seventh-day Adventist believers have been killed in a nighttime attack in northern Cameroon.

Bangkok bombing reflections

More than 20 people lost their lives this week when a bomb exploded in a shopping village in Bangkok, Thailand. Just one week ago, James Standish was on the very corner where the bomb went off.

Adventist Church condemns xenophobic attacks

The Seventh-day Adventist Church condemned xenophobic attacks in South Africa that have killed at least seven people and started providing hot meals to hundreds of people displaced by the violence.


Jesus turned the other cheek. But then He told His disciples to buy swords. Is it right to take up arms or not?

Be prepared

Christianity is under attack and we are not even awake to it.

Two Adventist pastors killed in two days

Two Adventist pastors were killed in armed ambushes in Guatemala and the Philippines last week, highlighting the danger that some church workers face in restive regions of the world.

Picture book helps children say “Stop”

As the titles suggests, a new picture book is helping younger children say, “Stop! I don’t like that!” in response to abuse, bullying, violence and unwanted touching.

Out of sight, out of mind

Australia and Papua New Guinea are, at this very moment, holding innocent people—accused of nothing other than seeking refuge—in deplorable conditions. Josh Dye’s confronting piece lays out some of the facts that are leaking out of Manus Island.
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