Monday, September 21, 2020
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Tag: Unity

Adventist Church celebrates 150th anniversary

In a replica of the meeting house where Seventh-day Adventist Church pioneer and prophet Ellen White once spoke for 10 hours on the Great Controversy, world church leaders met Friday (April 12) to commemorate the Church’s 150th anniversary.

Comfortable critics

How often do we, as servants of Jesus, show the response of John?

Wilson calls for renewed health focus, unity

Speaking during Sabbath morning worship of the 2012 Annual Council, president Ted Wilson implored world church leaders to focus their evangelism efforts on health ministry, while also urging them to remain united during difficult times.

Something we can agree on?

Recently I attended some meetings out west with a group of Adventist “progressives”.

Two by two

Being a follower or disciple of Jesus is not a passive activity.

GC: ordination vote a “serious threat” to unity

Top leadership of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists have issued a response to the Pacific Union Conference’s vote to ordain ministers without regard to gender...

President highlights unity in Rwanda

Seventh-day Adventists in Rwanda are committed to bolstering society and bringing unity and reconciliation to the East African nation, world church President Ted N. C. Wilson said during an official visit last week.
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