Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Committed and professional

Dr Barry Oliver pays tribute to the commitment and professionalism of church members who are giving their all in the service of God.

NZ’s audacity of hope

The Adventist message is not just a good message; it’s fantastic. So why are we growing at such a tepid pace?

A pirate’s life—not for me

Pirates who sail the seas aren’t so different from the ones who slouch in front of screens. Both break the law and destroy lives.

Adventist radio goes live in Samoa

Adventists now have a live local radio presence in Samoa after Pastor Olive Dean became the first live announcer on FM 92.9.

Faa’a Faa’a away (but closer than you think . . .)

“I didn’t expect Tahiti to be, well, so urban,” an American tourist says as she surveys Papeete. Global trends are changing Tahiti, and chief among them is urbanisation.

Evangelistic series underway in Vanuatu

Member of Parliament for Port Vila, Ralph Reganvanu, opened the “PV14: Hope For Port Vila” evangelistic series at Freswota Field on Sunday.

Why Brazil?

“Think you know South America, think again,” says Dr Brad Kemp, president of the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference. Dr Kemp was part of a small delegation from the South Pacific Division who went to Brazil to learn about the church growth there.

PAU radio to roll out nationally

Church and government leaders have met at Pacific Adventist University (PAU), near Port Moresby, to discuss the expansion of Hope Channel television and radio in Papua New Guinea.

Adventist singer’s ‘battle’ cut from The Voice

An Adventist woman’s performance was cut from Monday night’s episode of The Voice, leaving viewers angry at the harsh editing practices of the show.

Indecent exposure

A friend of mine recently recalled his experience of being hypnotised. Well, he actually shared his girlfriend’s take on what happened—he didn’t remember a thing.
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