Monday, November 30, 2020
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Adventist publishing houses consider merger

On Wednesday, June 19, the General Conference and North American Division administrations forwarded to the boards of Pacific Press and Review and Herald publishing associations a request for the two organisations to consider a merger in the near future.

AMC recommends its own closure

The board of the Simi Valley, California-based Adventist Media Center (AMC) will recommend a proposal to the North American Division that incudes a call for its six media ministries to relocate and a sale of the property.

Adventists call for prayer for Obama

Barack Obama was today sworn in as president of the United States (US) in a public ceremony on Washington's National Mall.

Adventist Church assists hurricane victims

On Sunday, November 4, members of the North American Division Executive Committee voted a number of financial initiatives to assist the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Adventists affected by Hurricane Sandy

According to United States news reports, at least 48 people are dead and eight million are without power because of “Superstorm” Sandy that recently whipped through the East Coast.

Adventist leaders to begin shift in tithe formula

The formula for contributions by world divisions to the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will change in 2013, if suggestions recommended by global church leaders on the concluding day of the movement’s Spring Meeting are adopted later this yea

“In harmony” with GC on women’s ordination

The Southern Union Conference, which covers eight states in the southeast of the USA, has voted to maintain its solidarity with the world Church on the issue of ordaining women pastors.

NAD reaffirms commissioned ministers

In a carefully balanced pair of actions, Church leaders in North America voted to fully participate in the world church's recently launched study of the theology of ordination while also reaffirming...
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