Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Tag: Nicaragua

Escape from Nicaragua

Freddy and his brother reached Honduras believing they had successfully escaped the Nicaraguan civil war. But then a sharp voice barked, “Hey, you! Hands up!”

My story—Pastor Luis Bermudez

When he was a boy, Pastor Luis Bermudez's family decided to flee the civil war in Nicaragua. The rest, you could say, is "His-story".

Over 1 million baptised in IAD

More than 1 million people have been baptised across the Caribbean and Central America as part of a five-year initiative that has invigorated local church members to fulfill Jesus’ commission to make disciples of all nations, church leaders said.

Tears and hugs at mass baptism in Nicaragua

Thousands of people, many hugging each other and weeping with joy, thronged around a vast lake for a mass baptism last weekend that concluded the Adventist Church’s first major evangelistic series in Nicaragua.

1500 baptised under El Salvador’s scorching sun

The Adventist Church in El Salvador has baptised 1500 people, including 870 people on a sweltering Sabbath day, as it presses ahead with plans to establish 100 new churches in the first half of this year.

Adventist named best student in Nicaragua

A Seventh-day Adventist student was named Nicaragua’s “best student” last month after earning first place in a national competition measuring proficiency in math and science.
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