Friday, September 17, 2021
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The Avondale scholarship you’ve never heard of

Sarah-Jane Riley is the 50th recipient of an unusual scholarship with an interesting history.

Myanmar fly’n’build

A team of 19 North Queenslanders, led by Pastor Wolfgang Jenke and his wife Lyn Joy, went on a fly’n’build trip to Myanmar late last year.

Visit to Valasi

Seventeen volunteers, mostly Adventist Media Network (AMN) employees, travelled to a remote area of the Solomon Islands for a fly 'n' build last month.

What’s in a name?

On a recent “Fly ‘n’ Build” mission trip in the remote highlands of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, I got to tick-off a number of firsts. I saw my first machete-wielding two-year-old. I wrangled my first snake outside of Australia. I also named my first chi
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