Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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IAD drops 690,000 names in membership audit

The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Inter-American Division surpassed its goal of baptising at least 1 million new members over the five years, but it also removed more than 690,000 members during the first major audit of its books.

Changes and challenges in membership stats

Worldwide demographics for the Adventist Church are changing, with 92 per cent of membership (16.9 million out of 18.8 million) now in the so-called global south, according to a report from the Annual Council of the General Conference.

Church accounts for lost members

The Seventh-day Adventist world Church is growing steadily. But while membership jumped 1.6 per cent in a recent six-month period, potential growth continues to suffer because of substantial membership loss over the past 50 years.

Baptism: before and beyond

Seventh-day Adventists could do better to prepare and care for those who choose to join the church through baptism, a new study shows.

Adventists planting churches at record rate

Seventh-day Adventist churches are springing up around the world at the fastest rate in the denomination’s 152-year history, with a new building opening its doors to worshippers every 3.58 hours, according to newly released figures.

Lemon: hire pastors, not administrators

The General Conference, the top administrative body of the Adventist Church, had 282 employees in 1995. Today it has 287, an increase of only five employees.

Church membership reaches 18.1 million

Membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church has topped 18.1 million for the first time, but secretary of the Adventist world church, G T Ng, isn’t celebrating.

Church dispels claim of forced conversions

A newly released report by a Seventh-day Adventist Church internal commission said claims of forced reconversion to Hinduism in northern India last month are untrue and that members reconverted of their own will because of little support from leadership.

Mission to the cities: Samoan Church grows 15%

Samoa. Land of a thousand churches. The palatial churches dwarf all the other buildings on the island. With around 98 per cent of the population identifying as Christian, religiosity is at Samoa’s heart.

Church leaders look at reality of exodus

The first global summit focusing on Seventh-day Adventist Church membership retention is revealing the rate and reasons members slip out the back door.
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