Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Tag: Marmite

Study puts Marmite under the microscope

Researchers at Victoria University’s College of Health and Biomedicine in Melbourne are conducting a study on whether yeast-based products such as Marmite (produced by Sanitarium) help improve mood and stress levels.

Sanitarium Christchurch site sold

Sanitarium has today announced the sale of its Christchurch site and a lease-back arrangement for its Marmite factory.

The vegan revolution

Go vegan, get the girl. The trend towards a vegan diet—free of meat, dairy and eggs—is apparent amongst homeschoolers, hipsters and everyone in between.

Marmite returns to Aussie shelves

Australians are soon to be reunited with Marmite, Australia’s original yeast spread, which has returned to Australia and will be available on supermarket shelves from early October.

Black gold

Pierre van Heerden has received the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific’s most prestigious communication award for his management of the Marmite shortage.

Marmite’s return brings hope to quake affected

Marmite is back on the shelves in New Zealand today but some families received their jars a little bit early.

Marmite resumes production in Christchurch

New Zealanders around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief as Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing announced production has started on the yeast spread Marmite.

Marmite and the second coming

You may have heard (and many of you will be experiencing) that New Zealand is having a Marmite drought due to production stopping while Sanitarium repairs damage sustained during the Christchurch earthquake.
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