Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Tags Julie Weslake

Tag: Julie Weslake

SPD merges departments into single ministry

South Pacific Division leaders have developed a new church leadership structure that will see several key departments merge into one overarching ministry.

Expo trains faith shapers in Fiji

Children’s Ministries leaders from across Fiji gathered at Navesau Adventist High School in late August for a four-day Faith Shaper expo.

New initiative to shape lifelong faith in children

Most people are aware the Christian church is losing its young adults. As it turns out, it's losing children in even greater numbers.

Activity pack helps children explore the Bible

Rucksack Safari is a new children’s activity, art and craft subscription designed to make Bible discovery a fun and exciting journey for kids aged 6 to 10.

Children respond to Daily Bites

A new Bible study resource to assist parents in sharing Jesus and studying God’s Word with their children has been launched by the South Pacific Division (SPD) Children’s Ministries department.

Book tackles hard issues

A book that tackles the hard issues experienced by young people today was launched recently in Sydney.

GraceLink strengthened to ensure faith

After a decade of service, the GraceLink Sabbath School curriculum is being renewed and expanded to make it even more effective.

iPad app just for kids

Remember when you used to sit in church or in Sabbath school and they pulled out a storyboard and felts to illustrate a story? The Sabbath school and personal ministries department of the General Conference have created an electronic version built on the
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