Monday, October 26, 2020
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Ex-gangster facilitates reconciliation

Newly-baptised Adventist man Sam Oivo has used his influence as a former criminal ringleader in Papua New Guinea to bring three local gangs together with community leaders in a reconciliation ceremony.

A different life

Giving one's life to Christ is never a small thing. Yet for many of us, the decision comes with relatively little consequence. Not so for people like Romina Masih, whose decision to become an Adventist was met with denunciation and death threats.

Students preach to El Salvador gang members

Southern Adventist University students witnessed the baptism of more than 1300 people, including members of the notoriously violent MS-13 street gang, while conducting evangelistic meetings in five countries of Central and South America.

Adventist prostitutes and seventh-day thieves

"My husband calls me ‘little miss Friendly’,” laughs Jasmin Simyunn, ADRA country director for Papua New Guinea. It's an interesting response to my question about how this genteel woman knows prostitutes and gang members in Lae.


If you saw him on the train, he might be the type you’d avoid. But if you took that chance, if you sat in that empty seat next to him, you would hear an amazing story.

My story—Menega Sisi

Hi, my name is Menega Sisi. I’m from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea where I was brought up by my Adventist mother and stepfather and attended a church school.
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