Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Lifestyle the best medicine

One of the world’s leading health and exercise scientists describes it as one of the most exciting medical discoveries of the past few decades: the power of “low tech” for remedying problems created by “high tech.”

Loma Linda University Health dumps junk food

Loma Linda University Health has decided to practice what it preaches by swapping the candy bars and soda in its campus vending machines for whole grain-based foods and bottled waters.

Adventist lecturer featured in famous journal

A front-page article on the Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) website has described an Australian Adventist educator as the world’s “most-published authority” on stitches.

How’s your balance?

Picture this. I’m riding a unicycle for the first time. If that’s not bad enough, my challenge is to eat a well-filled bean and salad taco, while riding, trying to keep spillage to a minimum.

One step at a time

My wife thinks I’m crazy. Back and forth, round and round I pace around the dining table. Every so often I stop and hop up and down or jog on the spot.

Avondale lecturer’s SOS

A new book may save you from what its author calls the inactivity crisis.


“You know what happens to your articles the day after they’re read, don’t you,” quipped a veteran Washington journalist to me a few years back. “They end up lining bird cages!”

CELEBRATIONS—150 years of health

Not only does 2013 mark 150 years since the official organisation of our Church, but it also marks 150 years since Ellen White’s Ostego (Michigan) vision which set the course for our Church’s emphasis on health.

Too fat for church

People in the South Pacific live well. Apparently too well. According to the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO), who I suppose should know about such things, we are one of the fattest regions on earth. Really? Yes!

My ministry idea—Pine Rivers church

More than 65 people registered for a nine-week Boot Camp Health Challenge organised by Pine Rivers church in South Queensland.
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