Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Tags Eric Davey

Tag: Eric Davey

Avondale alumni celebrate 25th anniversary

A reunion of all but two of its former presidents helped mark Avondale Alumni Association’s 25th anniversary celebrations at Homecoming, August 23-25.

Church at the heart of the nation

It was a scramble at the end, with the sign going up, lights being tested and scaffolding coming down so that Australia’s newest Adventist church building could be used for its first opening Sabbath program.

Never look back

I was born in a bush camp not far from the dusty town of Marree in South Australia. I spent my early years with our old people learning their ways and living off the land.

Indigenous outreach comes to Adelaide

More than 100 people attended the first reported evangelistic program in Adelaide primarily aimed at Indigenous Australians.

Underground church celebrates baptisms

In an echo of the catacomb worship services of the first century, prayers of blessing have been offered at a new underground church in Coober Pedy, a South Australian opal mining town in the desert midway between Adelaide and Alice Springs.
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