Monday, September 20, 2021
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Me and my stuff

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling as though every time I drive past a billboard, find a store catalogue in my mailbox or turn on the television I’m being bombarded with messages that I need more stuff.

Should we apologise for our faith?

Apologetics is an area that many shy away from or don't consider important, but when someone attacks our faith, how can we respond without it?

The Spirit of God (Part 2)

Dr David Tasker continues his in-depth look at the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.

A grandson, the environment and me

In 2011 my wife and I travelled to Alaska, Canada and the United States. We saw so much beauty it's hard to describe. But something even more wonderful happened while Glenise and I were overseas: our daughter presented us with our first grandchild.

Some evidence for the theory of evolution just doesn’t make sense

When confronted with evidence about life on Earth, we have a choice: recognise the handiwork of our Creator, or use theories to explain Him away.

The miraculous mind

The mind is truly a miracle and powerful evidence pointing to our intelligent Creator.

Is evolution really impossible?

Dr John Ashton has produced a relatively short volume, provocatively entitled "Evolution Impossible". But has he really demonstrated the theory relied upon by scientists around the globe is impossible? If so, how? And is the book readable for those of us

Church outreach celebrates biblical creation

The auditorium darkened, lightening flashed across a projector screen, thunder roared over the loudspeaker and artificial rain fell on hundreds of school children during a recreation of the biblical flood.

In the beginning

Almost all books on the creation/evolution debate focus on science.

Origins book launched amid healthy discussion

Participants at the launch of a book about creation see it as a valuable contribution to the discussion about origins despite expressing differing views about its content.
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