Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Tags Christchurch

Tag: Christchurch

President urges prayer for earthquake victims

A huge earthquake has struck Christchurch with witnesses reporting the quake felt more violent than the quake in September.

President’s vision will finish the work

"Adopt a Town" South New Zealand, Conference President Craig Gillis, reveals the list of 47 towns he would like to see Adventists adopt for Jesus.

Earthquake: Community focused action

A state of emergency remains in Christchurch today as aftershocks as large as magnitude 5.4 continued to rumble through the region.

Earthquake hits Christchurch

An earthquake has struck South New Zealand, located 30 km from Christchurch. The strong earthquake has caused widespread damage and power cuts in Christchurch, New Zealand's second-largest city.

All Power to Garden City Fellowship

Motivational speaker and evangelist Leo Schreven has just finished the All Power Seminar at Linwood College, South New Zealand. Garden City Fellowship—a new church plant in Christchurch—hosted the event in July.
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