Friday, September 17, 2021
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Manifest celebrates stories & the spoken word

A Seventh-day Adventist arts festival has celebrated and explored the oldest and purest form of storytelling during its annual celebration of faithful creativity.

Mega Project Hope PNG

In a landmark achievement for Adventist television, Mega Project Hope PNG saw 303 30-minute TV programs filmed in just 20 days at locations around Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Project Hope kicks off in PNG

Imagine shooting 300 half-hour television programs in the span of one month. Well, that is the scope of MEGA Project Hope—a large-scale production project currently underway in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

HopeChannel needs helpers in Pacific

Final preparations are underway for a massive television shoot that will take place in Port Moresby during January and February 2015.

Committed and professional

Dr Barry Oliver pays tribute to the commitment and professionalism of church members who are giving their all in the service of God.

White Ribbon Day

One woman is killed every week in Australia by a current or former partner. Furthermore, one in three women report experiencing physical or sexual violence in their life. The statistics are shocking—it's time to take a stand.

NZ’s audacity of hope

The Adventist message is not just a good message; it’s fantastic. So why are we growing at such a tepid pace?

Project Valasi in the spotlight

In 2013, 17 volunteers from Adventist Media Network (AMN) went on a fly‘n’build to a remote area of Solomon Islands.

Art series available on demand

A documentary series investigating some of the most famous religious art in history is now available online and on demand.

Does anyone watch Adventist Media?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those TV programs, radio shows, all the magazines and websites the Adventist Media Network produces? Do they all just float off into the great unknown never to be heard of again?
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