Almond & sage pesto pasta

    • Preparation time: 7 mins
    • Cooking time: 0 mins
    • Serves: 8


    • 1 cup almonds
    • 20 g soft sage leaves, plucked from stalks
    • 1 clove garlic
    • 1 tsp finely ground salt
    • 1 cup extra virgin olive oil


    1. Rinse soaked beans with water and set aside.
    2. Pulverise almonds in a medium food processor, then add sage leaves, garlic and salt and process until it becomes a paste.
    3. While the processor motor is running, drizzle in the olive oil through the chute and process until all ingredients are well combined. Serve pesto tossed through the hot pasta. Or transfer to a glass jar for storage. Makes 1¾ cups. (Note, pesto will store in the fridge for at least one week and freezes well.)


    • Use 1 tbsp pesto per cup of cooked pasta. Loosen up with some cooking water reserved from draining the pasta until it reaches a creamy consistency.
    • Sprinkle with freshly grated pecorino or a “nutritional yeast seasoning” (dairy-free alternative), if desired.
    • To achieve a thicker pesto for crispbread, reduce the amount of oil.

    Nutrition Information

    Energy 1470 kJ (351 cal). Protein 3 g. Fat 37 g. Saturated fat 5 g. Cholesterol 0 mg. Carbohydrate 1 g. Sugars 1 g. Fibre 2 g. Calcium 80 mg. Iron 1.3 mg. Sodium 287 mg.