Kids’ worship sequel connects worldwide

Author and composer Kylie Stacey (left) and book editor Nathan Brown look at the new Playful Worship Book 2.

A second worship music resource for children aged 0-7 years was dedicated at the church where its predecessor was developed.

Author and composer Kylie Stacey is a member of Lakeside Adventist Church (NSW) and on December 3, the new Playful Worship Book 2 featured in the worship service, after a Facebook Live broadcast from the Beginners Sabbath school group.

Playful Worship began right here in our own Sabbath school about seven years ago, when my husband and I became leaders of the Beginners group,” said Mrs Stacey, “and we really wanted to introduce music that was tailored to 0 to 3 year olds. Because I had a background in early childhood music, I wanted something that was also interactive with the parents, so we started writing and recording our own songs, which led to the first Playful Worship book.” 

"I wanted something that was also interactive with the parents, so we started writing and recording our own songs."

As well as the participation of a new generation of Beginners, the Playful Worship morning also featured Signs Publishing book editor Nathan Brown and Pastor Daron Pratt, director of Children’s Ministries for the North New South Wales Conference.

“In their earliest years, children’s brains are developing at a rapid rate and they are looking for models,” Pastor Pratt said. “Playful Worship encourages parents to be involved with their children in modelling Jesus, in modelling the stories, in modelling the songs and getting active in worship with their children.”

Coming three years after the launch of the first Playful Worship book, the new resource features new songs and activities, as well as suggested program outlines corresponding with the Bible stories in Year B of the Gracelink children’s Sabbath school curriculum. “Book 2 also has information about how to adapt Playful Worship to different group settings and the benefits of the different types of activities described in the book,” explained Mrs Stacey.

The Facebook Live broadcast from Lakeside’s Beginners Sabbath school demonstrated two songs from the new book, and featured an interview with Mrs Stacey and an endorsement from Pastor Pratt as well as the dedication itself. The short broadcast clips were viewed by more than 300 people around the world on the day, including connecting with Children’s Ministries leaders in Loma Linda, California, who have adopted Playful Worship into their regular programs.

Mums and their children demonstrated one of the new songs in Playful Worship Book 2 at its dedication at Lakeside Adventist Church on December 3.

“Since the first book came out, the highlight has been receiving feedback from people who I might not have met before, saying what it has done for their church or Sabbath school or even their family worships at home,” Mrs Stacey said. “So seeing other churches use it and hearing the songs being played makes it worthwhile.”

Playful Worship Book 2—as well as the original Playful Worship—includes two music resources discs and is available from Adventist Book Centres.

View the Facebook Live video clips on the “Playful Worship” Facebook page: