Comedian pranks carnivores with meat free product in viral video


A plant-based, alternative meat company received a marketing boost for their new range of meat-free proteins, when a video promoting the brand went viral.

Life Health Foods owned The Alternative Meat Co released the video featuring Australian comedian Dave Hughes tricking meat lovers into eating kebabs made out of their products.

The video has so far (December 2) recorded almost 1.5 million views on Facebook.

Mr Hughes is a pescatarian (someone that eats fish but no meat) and also abstains from alcohol and drugs.

“The video featuring self-confessed carnivores, confused hipsters and an unconvincing fake moustache, sees Australian comedian Dave Hughes go ‘undercover’ at one of Sydney’s most famous kebab shops, to sub in Alternative Meat Co. products to unsuspecting kebab connoisseurs,” said the video’s description on the Alt Meat Co website.


One of the participant’s says says it tastes “just like a regular doner kebab,” while another just says “it’s very good”.

“What if I told you it’s very good for you and very good for the environment,” replies Mr Hughes.

The Alt Meat Co launched in August in Australia and their products are available in Coles, Woolworths and selected independent supermarkets.

Products include chicken, beef and pork substitutes.
Products include chicken, beef and pork substitutes.

Other Life Health Foods brands include New Zealand dip company, Lisa’s, meat alternative’s Bean Supreme and Veggie Delights (purchased from Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing), and Naked Cuisine, who have a range of locally produced fresh soups.