Adventist women in Tuvalu bring hope to inmates

Women's ministry members at the front of the Tuvalu prison.

Adventist women sang songs, brought food and shared about how God loves unconditionally during a visit to the only prison complex in Funafuti, Tuvalu.

Despite the walk and the heat, this faithful and energetic group of women from Funafuti Seventh-day Adventist Church spent time visiting the 12 inmates inside the prison walls on November 6.

They told the prisoners that God did not create bad people but that it is because of Satan and his lies that some people end up this way. “God is still faithful,” said Anasa Tabua, district director for the Adventist Church in Tuvalu.

“He wants us to surrender to Him and wait for Him to take us to a place where there will be no more sin, no crying, nor death. A place where everybody will be free! We continue to pray for the women’s ministry in Tuvalu.”

Tuvalu is a Commonwealth nation comprised of nine islands that is part of the Trans Pacific Union Mission.