Adventists in NZ town cut off by earthquake

Aftermath of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

Adventist Church officials in New Zealand are still waiting to hear from church members living in Kaikoura, which remains cut off after Monday’s 7.5-magnitude earthquake.

South New Zealand Conference general secretary Paul Devine said communication had not yet been restored to the coastal town, where most of the damage has occurred, with roads, electricity and phone lines cut off.

"Most of us have kind of got used to it. It’s a reality of living in this world."

There is no Adventist church in the town, however there are a few members living there.

Mr Devine said he was not aware of any damage to Adventist buildings in Christchurch, which is about 180km south of Kaikoura.

As the recovery effort continues, New Zealanders have had to cope with more than 400 aftershocks since the major quake.

“In Christchurch, for those who were here for the last [earthquake in 2011], for some of them it raised the issue again,” Mr Devine said. “Most of us have kind of got used to it. It’s a reality of living in this world.”

While the earthquake struck New Zealand’s South Island, the effects were felt as far as Wellington on the North Island. Two people have been confirmed dead.

Mr Devine asked church members around the South Pacific to keep New Zealand in their prayers.