Workshop a blooming success

Chantal Jack, Hannah McDonald and Valerie Donat wearing their creations.

Beautiful blooms became stunning headwear in a fundraising initiative organised by Fox Valley church (NSW) member Hannah McDonald.

Twenty-five participants attended the flower crowns workshop, held on Sunday, October 30 in Wahroonga.

It was nice to see them make beautiful things and be happy.

Ms McDonald has previously created flower crowns for baptismal candidates and has often been asked how to make them. This gave her the idea for the workshop.

This is the first time I have ever run anything,” she said. “God is good – He has made things work out.

“I really love creating things and flowers I just absolutely love. It was also an opportunity for women to be able to fellowship together and get to know people they may not have met before.

“It was nice to see them make beautiful things and be happy.”

The event was a fundraiser for juveniles in crisis. Ms McDonald said a group from Fox Valley church has been supporting a number of teenagers who are facing significant challenges in their lives.

The idea is that we are going to work with them, build relationships with them and help them get on a better path,” she said.

The workshop raised $530, which has been increased to more than $1000 after a generous donor stepped in and matched the amount raised.