Morcombe Foundation tour launched at Adventist School

Bruce and Denise Morcombe (in red) with Northpine principal Graham Baird, Northpine Primary and Secondary school captains, and a member of the Australian Federal Police.

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s “Tweed to the Territory” tour officially launched on October 13, with Northpine Christian College (Qld) acting as the first host school.

Around 1000 Northpine students, staff and parents gathered in the College Sports Centre to welcome Bruce and Denise Morcombe, the Australian Federal Police team, and a media entourage.

Seeing her react so openly and enthusiastically made me realise that we need to stop making the issue of child safety a taboo and address it head on.

A joint initiative between the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and the Australian Federal Police, the tour travelled from Tweed Heads to Canberra during the month of October, educating young people and raising awareness on how to stay safe.

Northpine students were active participants in the program, impressing the visitors with their focus and positive response to the message.

“I was four years old when Daniel Morcombe was abducted, and as a young child, I found it almost unfathomable to comprehend the harsh reality of child abduction,” said Year 12 student and College Captain Sarah Ryan. “Now, I am 17, about to finish my senior year at Northpine Christian College, and have gained a better understanding of the significance of staying safe and how to teach others to do so.”

Fellow Year 12 student Zac Deans agrees, saying the Morcombes had helped him realise that child safety can affect anyone, including himself.

“My younger sister couldn’t stop talking about all the phrases she had been taught as a form of protection, and the various strategies that Bruce and Denise reinforced and recommended as a method to stay safe,” he said. “Seeing her react so openly and enthusiastically made me realise that we need to stop making the issue of child safety a taboo and address it head on, just like the Morcombe foundation is doing.”

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation is leading the movement to ensure national awareness of child security and internet safety, with their slogan “Recognise, React, Report” a simple but powerful tool that any child can use to help their personal safety.

“In a society that is so centred around technology, [the Foundation’s] message about cyber safety is extremely important for both high school and primary school students alike,” said Northpine Christian College principal Graham Baird. “Denise and Bruce Morcombe have transformed their tragic situation into a legacy—a national child safety campaign—in memory of their son, Daniel and Northpine students were privileged to be a part of this campaign launch and tour.”

The tour concluded on October 28, coinciding with “Day for Daniel”—a national Day of Action to raise awareness of child safety, protection and harm prevention.