Pastors on the frontline

In the midst of the spiritual battle playing out all around us, it's our pastors who are on the frontline. Are you helping or hindering their cause?


Mel Gibson’s previous films have been known to be brutal and horrific. I expect Hacksaw Ridge, the movie about Seventh-day Adventist conscientious objector and American medic Desmond Doss, will be graphically horrid. That is the nature of war. And as we Adventists know, we are in a great controversy. War, suffering, sickness, crime, abuse . . . we face aspects of evil from the great controversy every day. None of them are nice.

In battle the enemy often attacks the leaders. Pastors are the frontline leaders in the spiritual battle. Ladies and men who are pastors are human—with their own deficiencies and battle scars. We see the weaknesses in ourselves and others. Having others point them out without support is not useful. Pastors are not immune from evil supernatural occurrences, rare diseases, verbal and emotional abuse. Accountability is needed but in an environment of encouragement and development. Pastors lead in the work to save others. They don’t have all the spiritual gifts but give what they have and challenge all of us to have a go in rescuing others we know. Doss, like pastors, was abused but continued to minister lifesaving hope and compassion.

May the love of Jesus compel us to rescue 'just one more'.

Through the battles of life we all have a Saviour. Like Doss, Jesus entered the battlefield with no advantage: He was born as a Baby—just like us. He experienced hunger, sadness and rebuke. But He ministered truth, healing and grace to everyone—to save “one more”. To save all who would come. However, unlike Doss, Jesus overcame temptation but succumbed to abuse and the consequences of evil. As an innocent Man He died. His death was to take the punishment all humans deserved for evil. But death could not hold Jesus. To be a real Saviour He conquered death on our behalf. His life, forgiveness, ministry and judgement give hope. Ultimately He will come back one more time to earth and rescue all who are longing for Him.

May the love of Jesus compel us to rescue “just one more”.