Local response to Haiti hurricane


Wahroonga, New South Wales

ADRA Australia chief financial officer Melville Simonsz has been seconded to the global ADRA network’s emergency response team in Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Mr Simonsz’s role will be to manage financial resources in a transparent and accountable way. He will provide technical financial advice, review budgets and coordinate funding from multiple sources. His deployment is expected to be for about 3-4 weeks.

With the death toll from the devastating hurricane rising to 1000, ADRA estimates that around 2 million people have been impacted, including many children, with at least 750,000 people needing urgent assistance.

A new threat is also emerging as flooding and contaminated water accelerate the spread of cholera. ADRA is helping to fight the disease by supplying hygiene kits, food and water to those who survived the storm.

For more information and to make a donation go to adra.org.au.