Church outgrows rented hall


My church is Edmonton Seventh-day Adventist Church, just south of Cairns in North Queensland. As soon as I arrived here as pastor I was overwhelmed with how active and friendly the little congregation was. Its mission is to “Build a caring Christian community, one person at a time”. This “every single soul matters” philosophy is so important because the community around the church is very tough, plagued by social issues such as domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction, abuse, ill health, homelessness and, sadly, a sincere ignorance of the love of Jesus.

In response to this, the church has run addiction recovery programs, health and gospel programs. The core ministry of the church is built around small group outreach, with its weekly kids’ Bible studies being routinely packed with non-Adventist children from around the neighbourhood. In short, we have an active presence serving in the community. The church has seen quite a few people choose to follow Jesus through baptism recently, and more have indicated a desire to be baptised in the future. Everyone is thrilled to see the church family expanding. It means more people to love! 

God wants the light of His church to shine in this blossoming community.

Pastor Daniel Matteo takes a selfie with his Edmonton church family.

However, with that rapid growth has come an increasingly serious discomfort with the small community hall the church has rented for the past 10 years. Although very inexpensive, Down Park Hall is less-than-ideal in many ways. It is becoming clear that the Edmonton church needs to purchase a place of its own.

The community in Edmonton is itself also growing rapidly. In the near future there are plans to build a hospital and shopping centres in the area, with the township becoming a central business district. God wants the light of His church to shine in this blossoming community.

Looking to the future, the church has set itself a goal of raising its building fund so that it can afford a deposit for a suitable property and continue to serve the local community and be a light for Jesus. Please pray for this church to continue to fulfil Jesus’ commission in Edmonton. 

Genesis 12:2 says, “. . . I will bless you . . . and you shall be a blessing”. 

If you would like to contribute towards Edmonton church purchasing a permanent home, please make arrangements with the Northern Australian Conference office at +61 (0)7 4779 3988 or go to the eGiving website <>, type “Edmonton” in the box and contribute to “Edmonton Building Fund”.