Career missionary: Alexander John Campbell


Alexander Campbell and his wife Emily began their joint careers in mission service with 11 years in Solomon Islands and, from 1936, 25 years in Papua New Guinea—where they were known as the “Campbells of Kainantu”.

In 1942 Alexander hid two light aircraft at Kainantu where his friend, the Catholic priest Father Glover, used them to rescue 100 stranded Europeans as the Japanese brought the war to PNG. Alexander was a skilled builder and his wife gave medical treatments and was known as a “namba wan missus”.

In his retirement years he helped with the hand-operated plastic gramophones, which, at very low cost, shared the Bible message in local dialects.

The Campbells are an example of career expatriate missionaries in the South Pacific—something we are unlikely to see again.

Synopsis obtained from: Seventh-day Adventists in the South Pacific, 1885-1985, p. 224.